About Perkata Gallery

This Gallery sell items specially produced to raise funds for this school for special children.
Items sold include quality souvenirs. Such as:

The famous PERKATA t-shirts are well-known for their quality. General Sarawak/Borneo design and cat designs. Sizes....from children's extra large adult.

We produce beutiful,quality cards with Sarawak designs and also postcards. We also produce a range of general greeting cards (birthday, sympathy etc) and seasonal greeting cards (Christmas, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Gawai). These may be printed with company or personal nakes to order. We also produce 'recycled' greeting cards.

Miscellaneous stationary items Stamps.

Souvenir bags, hats, aprons, umbrellas and many other items.

Please support us!
You will obtain delightful, quality items, and know that you are helping a good cause.
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