This school aims to cover these main areas of education:

Language Development:
Starting from copying sounds and words, to putting two words together making sensible sentences, understanding words, instructions and questions and holding conversations. We also use simple sign language, the Malaysian Makaton Sign Language, when speech is impaired. For language assessment the Malaysian Language Assessment is used.

Cognitive Development:
Learning to think and make decisions for themselves, reasoning, recognising colours, shapes, sizes, identifying similar objects and classifying objects. Number work, including counting, measuring, shopping, estimating, weighing, telling the time, reading timetables, et cetera. The Step by Small Step Mathematics scheme is used as individual teaching programmes.

Fine Motor Skills:
Training the hand to do what the eyes can see, picking up small objects, building towers of blocks, colouring leading to the use of pencil, paints, scissors and needle-threading.

Gross Motor:
Balance and co-ordination coming from a knowledge of body parts, what they are, what they do. P.E. and games are used extensively.

Self Help:
Towards a real independence. Starting with eating and drinking without help, toileting, simple cleaning and washing dishes to planning and shopping and cooking simple meal, dressing and undressing independently. Some children can learn to use the local buses and eventually work in open employment.

Reading & Writing:
First recognising their own names and names of familiar objects, to reading books about themselves, simply stories and then books and magazines.

Social Development:
We help them to behave properly in all types of situations, to relate to people in acceptable ways, to share and play alongside others, to look and listen and take notice of unspoken social clues.

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